True innovators share their ideas

I want to talk to you about ideas.

Amateurs HATE telling others about their ideas. That’s ridiculous.

Ideas are a dime a dozen. It’s the execution that will truly set you apart from others who either have heard your idea or have thought about something surprisingly similar.

There’s also a good chance that someone out there is already developing the same thing you’re working on. That’s no big deal, competition is a healthy part of any market. Competing to see who is first to market is just one approach, but there is a better method.

Don’t compete by keeping your idea secret. Instead, compete by building the best team, hiring the best people and creating the best solution for the problem you’re solving. Take it a step further and customize it for the audience you’re trying to reach, it’ll help with market validation.

It’s common among founders to be hesitant about sharing startup secrets, but the truth is you can reap massive rewards from telling people what your idea is about and what you hope to achieve. If you keep your ideas a secret, it will be impossible to get someone to help you, invest in your business or become a customer.

Often times what people don’t realize is that potential competitors actually become… partners. You’re passionate, you’re driven and you believe in your idea. People like partnering with that kind of promise.

A few years ago, web designers and marketers had jobs that were off limits because of tools, capabilities, connections and so on. Then that changed and amateurs started flooding the scene. There were marketers that fought hard to stop the onslaught of “gurus” and “social media experts,” but that was such a waste of time.

I was a strategist with value. They could have my tactics because they didn’t have my ability to execute, and execute purposefully. Those with real talent used the shift to move up the food chain like I did. Like you probably did at some point in your career, considering disruption is all too common now.

The best entrepreneurs understand they’re more than just ideas. They cheer up and get excited when the competition shows up because it pushes both parties to do better work in order to win.

So if you have an idea… TELL EVERYONE.

You never know, someone might decide to throw you a couple of dollars.