Nationalism and Globalism

Politically, nationalism may be back, but culturally things are getting GLOBAL. We want STRONG, POSITIVE change in our own backyards, but we’re looking internationally for the best ideas.

Netflix has had 80 non-English shows this year and the majority of their viewers are now in other countries.

Spotify has 180 million listeners in 65 different countries, and 25% of listeners actively listen to music from other cultures in different languages. In fact, this month Spotify introduced Afro Hub: a curated library of music from Africa and with African roots. Some artists are even unsigned, underground, and undiscovered.

In 2018, we deeply crave local context but our expectations are still global. Trends across markets and different demographics are blending faster than ever.

Knowing about the best ideas isn’t enough though, millennials love brands that are about action.

To succeed, we must use these global learnings to radically inspire our individual consumption.

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