In the eye of Hurricane Irma

My friends and family were in the eye of the storm.

I was in Atlanta, following the group chat closely as I received pictures of my battered down hometown. Meanwhile a few hours away in Miami, more relatives were telling me parts of cities were flooded and boats were 90% under water in marinas across South Beach.

Although fallen trees crushed parts of their homes and cars, most everyone I know is safe.

I’ll save The Breakthrough for tomorrow… today, let’s be thankful.

I’m thankful for the outstanding leadership that’s been shown by state and local officials. I don’t usually say this, but Governor Scott has done an outstanding job in emphasizing repeatedly that “this is a life threatening situation.” Even his interpreter got a bit of publicity.

Across the board, what we’ve seen is a city prepared to cooperate with an incredibly passionate spirit of service. I’m thankful to the Red Cross and Anheuser-Busch who has been so generous and responsive, sending aide to those most impacted. And I’m thankful for the volunteers I saw — my friends Chris and Vivian — helping those who couldn’t help themselves.

During times like this, we’re reminded how fragile life is and that we’re deeply social animals that rely on each other to survive (and thrive) together. We must look out for each other — in business, in life and in times of dire need.

It’s not forced on us, it’s some thing we choose.

Today, choose to be grateful.

Ask for help.

Be thankful.