Hey there, I’m Eduardo Lopez.  👋

I build custom-driven marketing programs. Since 2010, I’ve helped global brands drive product positioning, earn news coverage, spearhead content marketing and thought leadership programs, and market products through traditional and digital marketing. My campaigns have won awards and have been featured in media outlets like FortuneMashable, and AdAge.

Cool things I’ve done:

  • Authored stories and conducted media outreach that generated 800+ news stories to drive product messaging and executive visibility
  • Managed and promoted events with over 50,000 attendees
  • Grew client’s company blog to 3.59 million monthly visitors
  • Executed social media advertising campaigns that achieved 4.1x return on ad spend and 2.6x more purchases
  • Launched newsletter and grew it to over 10K subscribers
  • Helped build HP Inc’s entire communications department from scratch ahead of its separation into two Fortune 50 companies

I love to share what I’ve learned through my writing, teaching, and speaking at conferences. My first book Social Media Career Building taught students how to use social media to build their personal brand, and I’m currently working on a new project devoted to exploring all things demand generation.

When I’m not marketing or writing, I love to spend time with my beautiful wife Sara, my son Marcos, and my family and friends. This year, I’m taking on a 100-mile ultramarathon.

Why is it called Going CEO?

Marketing today is less about shouting and more about engaging with audiences and helping them level up. This site is for marketers who are about driving change. Let’s embrace the Chief Engagement Officer title.

A few projects I’m proud of…

Tasked with reaching US Hispanic consumers, I led a team to create a platform to reinforce our brand promise of Mobilizing Your World among ambicultural consumers. The campaign engaged consumers digitally, socially, and through on-site experiences at sports and entertainment venues. Events included an interactive activation zone during Futbol Fiesta tailgate parties, audience-driven concert experiences using technology, Hispanic Heritage month promotions leading to the Canelo vs. Smith boxing match at AT&T stadium, and a millennial-focused Latin Grammy pre-party in Las Vegas.

  • Soccer: 150,000 attendees, 40 million  impressions
  • Concerts: 35,000 attendees, 70 million impressions
  • Boxing: 51,200 attendees, 14 million , 3,000 pay-per-views
  • Latin Grammy: 623 attendees, 70.3 million social media impressions

Tasked with driving trials to HP’s new Instant Ink delivery service, our team created The Never Run Out of Ink campaign. This digital initiative reinforced the brand’s position among young, busy families by reconnecting families around stories. Through clickable images, video interviews, and a digital picture book written by a collective of powerful online parenting influencers, Never Run Out of Ink encouraged participants to learn, share and ultimately create their own proud story.

  • Product: 50% increase in the Instant Ink subscription adoption rate
  • Digital: 24,000 families reconnected over the #NeverRunOut storybook
  • Search: Improved Google ranking for both “printer cartridge” and “online ink”

When Verizon launched a national ad campaign attacking T-Mobile, we needed to redirect the conversation and remind industry reporters and analysts about the speed, strength, and size of T-Mobile’s network. Our team crashed the competitors’ parties by barging in on their earnings calls with drinking games. We developed a T-Mobile earnings call drinking game with game boards and sent a selection of energy drinks like Red Bull and coffee to key financial reporters on call mornings. Digital versions went out to a broader list of contacts via email. The approach dominated conversations in news, blogs, and social media.

  • 32 media stories and 4.8 million unique impressions
  • Infiltration of Verizon’s Q4 earnings coverage alone rose by 50% YoY
  • Competitors earnings coverage dominated by mentions of T-Mobile among key influencers, tech media, and financial analysts

In partnership with global publisher Rosen Books, my first book teaches you how to use the power of social media to attract the notice of colleges and employers. Learn how to think put your projects front and center among followers, which increasingly include teachers, college recruiters, and potential employers or business partners. Your online presence can affect your future—both positively and negatively. I walk you through how to make sure your social media reflects well to prospective schools and employers, and give you the tools to curate a digital footprint for guaranteed success.